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20 Best Dog Names For Sensational Siberian Huskies [PICTURES]

Are you thinking about adopting a Siberian Husky? Or have you recently brought one of these gorgeous dogs home to your family? Well your new Husky buddy is going to need an awesome name — you’ll be saying it a lot!

Siberian Huskies are one of the most beautiful dog breeds ever! Since the breed likely comes from Russia with love, you may want to choose a name that celebrates the country’s rich heritage, like Smirnoff or Piroshki. Those don’t work? Oh, Crimea River.

If you want to see what some other cool dog people have named their Huskies, you came to the right place! We’ve found some Siberian Huskies with super names from fellow pet parents all over the world on Instagram! Check out the list below for some Husky dog name inspiration!

1. Kiara

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Trips out are my favourite 🐕

A post shared by Kiara Mayi (@kiara_husky) on

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2. Vlad

3. Leilani

4. Arlo

5. Kira

6. Cider

7. Lily

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Homemade popsicle for the bestest girl 🧊

A post shared by LILY (@lilythesibe) on

8. Zephyr

9. Elsa

10. Jimmy

11. Kefla

12. Marley

13. Aurora

14. Maverick

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Went to the snow with my mum today! I love it ❄️

A post shared by Maverick (@maverick.thehusky) on

15. Sky

16. Milo

17. Maya

18. Klaus

19. Laika

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Loving it…

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20. Pizza

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