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20 Best Dog Names For Tiny Yorkshire Terriers [PICTURES]

For small dogs, Yorkies sure walk around with a lot of swagger. The Yorkshire Terrier is one of the most popular breeds today, and it’s easy to see why. If you’re considering adopting one into your family, you’re going to need the best dog name for your new pooch.

Yorkies often travel about town in the purses of their fashionista owners. Some wear hair accessories to keep that silky topknot out of their eyes. But they still want to be taken seriously. If you’re thinking about adoption, be prepared for the grooming cost, unless you happen to be a dog groomer.

Maybe you want a “froufrou name to match that fashionable Yorkshire Terrier reputation, or maybe you want to go in a different direction to help your furry friend stand out from the Yorkie crowd.

Whatever the case may be, we’ve found some of the best Yorkshire Terrier dog names — and groovy hair styles to boot — from fellow pet parents on Instagram. Check them out if you’re looking for some inspiration for your new best buddy’s name!

1. Thor

2. Chewbella

3. Archi

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4. Maibelle

5. George

6. Cherie

7. Tank

8. Maggie

9. Coco

10. Vivi

11. Blueberry

12. Nala

13. Macki

14. Chayenne

15. Halo

16. Lindy

17. Luke

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18. Ava

19. Bently

20. Bailey

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